Friday, October 24, 2014

Nothing Much

Love how this boy likes to
dress himself up:)
Getting ready in my bathroom
with this going on behind me outside;)
All three of them:)
Talk about an LOL...
getting this text while I'm out running errands!
LoVE this GiRL So, SO MuCH!
He is ready for some football:)
Finally got me a BAYLOR hat!!!!!!!
I took these to send to my family...
but then I got chicken!  ha!
They still haven't seen my hat!!!
I did send it to my mother though:)
Our afternoon stroll/ride...
nothing better:)
I have a hot yard man...
He's really funny, too!  ;)
Backyard football game...
Drew, Walker, Jonathon, Jonah
I love a house full of friends!
And I also love that Walker is always
wanting to ask different buddies Drew!
MOM, it's time for some football!!!!!!!!!!
So stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KiCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet girls tail gate!  
I walked in the kitchen late the other
night to find these two big guys
snuggled up in the chair watching
TV.  Just about melted my heart.
Good daddy, Good son.  

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