Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/5 - 10/10

Doing his "homework"...
 He just might be the cutest thing ever!
 He's all about riding his bike.
He and Troy are working on taking
off the training wheels some. 
Jonathon and Walker playing Frisbee!
Hadlee and Hannah,
a sweet new friend from her class:)
Hudson on his iPad in his BOX
from Dave and Janice;)
After school drive with my fave girl:)
Watching these three hang
together melts my heart...
My new Kendra Scott necklace...
KiDDiNG ~ got this "statement necklace"
at Wal Mart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it does match my KS earrings:)
On our afternoon walk.............
Day 1 of Hadlee's Black Eye:(
The kids were wrestling/playing
and Walker's elbow hit her eye.
Lots of tears...but TOTAL accident.  
Then a couple of days later:(
Football practice continues (OFTeN!)...
Western Day at South Bosque!!!!!
With her western friends in Ms. Penson's class!!!
That Friday night the five of us
went shopping!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister needed some new "fake" glasses...
AND a new jacket!
Old Man Winter is creeping in way too early:(
Then pizza at our fave place on a Friday night:)
It was nice enough and warm
 enough to eat outside:)
Another good week in the books:)

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