Sunday, October 26, 2014

A&M Game @ Kyle Field

Guess who got to go to a game
at the newly renovated Kyle Field?!?
Hint Hint: Only one person
in this pic got to go...and two
were NOT happy about it!
First born Ag gets the ticket
that was actually for Troy and his wife!;)
Hudson really, really wanted to go:(
The School of Engineering invited Troy
to the game!  He was able to catch up
with some of the professors at a
tailgate before the game.  Cool deal!
Daddy wins.  My children bleed maroon!
And I'm really fine with it.
In fact, I think it's awesome!
It was an 8:00 game on October 13, 2014.
Kyle Field is undergoing renovations
that won't be fully complete until 2015. 
The stadium is HUGE and LOUD.
That particular night had a record breaking
attendance:  over 110,000 people were there which
 marked an SEC single-game record.
It also was the most people to ever attend a football
 game -- college or pro -- in the state of Texas.
The Aggies LOVE their school and their teams.
Seriously.   You just can't challenge
their spirit or their tradition. 
I love my Baylor Bears...
but the Aggie spirit just can't be challenged.
The Count Down for Kick Off!
Baylor just happened to be playing
a crazy game with TCU that night
and we were watching at Chuy's...
with Travis, Lynna and Grandmother.
Baylor came from WAY behind to pull
off the win ~ we were so excited!
Well, except for my two little Aggies. ha!
They wanted Baylor to lose:(
(Hadlee said only because she likes
TCU's purple colors!!!)
Then we came home and these
two played dress up while I watched
the Aggie game.
This will teach Daddy NOT to
leave his little Aggie at home;)
I'm pretty sure I saw
Troy and Walker in the stands;)
Troy says you can make free
calls to Heaven while in College Station ;)
Unfortunately the Aggies were NOT
having the best of games.  After Huds
fell asleep, Hadlee got SO into the
game with me!!!!!!!
She was writing out plays!!!!!!!;)
Walker has a new fave #2 on the team
and he was having an awesome game. 
When it was pretty much clear that
the Aggies were going to lose,
Troy sent us this pic! :(
And Hadlee sent back this one of her:(
Then we did each other's hair!  ;)
As usual, Walker came home
decked out in new Aggie gear.
He looks good in maroon!!!
He insisted on wearing his new stuff
the day after and then had me
wash it so he could wear it to school
on Monday.  I reminded him that
everyone would give him a hard time
at school about the Aggies losing.
He said he didn't care!
He loves his school win or lose!!!
That's my Aggie!!!!!!!!!!!
Gig 'Em Aggies!!!!!!!!

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