Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Football/Cheer Pics

Tri-City Football 2014 
12 Years Old ~ 6th Grade
First time to play Tackle Football!
So handsome that his mama can
hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!
 8 Years old ~ 3rd Grade
What a fun deal to get to cheer
for her Big Brother!!!
An awesome, fun team!!!
Love the boys and the families!
Unfortunately not everyone was
there that night for pictures though:(
Thankful for Coach D-Day, McClendon,
Roy and Petty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then there's THIS guy...
he was given the
"Golden Tee Award" by Coach Petty
for the way he runs out and gets
the tee after kick offs at the game.  
TWO Golden to
practice football with and one to display
in his room!  SOOOO proud:)

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