Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hudson in Action

This kid is ALWaYS in ACTioN!!!
From the moment I pick him up from
Janice's (where he ALSO practices a lot!),
 all the way home
and when we get home...
he is planning his practices or games
and especially his RUN OUT!!!
(Hadlee is his announcer/cheerleader!)
Usually soccer practice is first and
sometimes he tells me I need to go
straight to the bleachers when we get home;)
Next he practices baseball...
He makes a REALLY cute
baseball player, too! :)
AND many days he has football, too!
The Carrs gave him this Peyton
Manning jersey and he loves it!
"Coach Mike" often tells him to
wear jeans?  We aren't sure why...
but Hudson does what Coach says;)
A little athlete with an imagination!!!
Hudson is so full of life
and he's just so lovable!!!!!
You can't help but love him:)

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