Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hadlee's Jog a thon

This year Hadlee's school decided to have
a "jog a thon" rather than a fundraiser.
I was THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!
I hate fundraisers...just hate asking people
to buy stuff; yet, I know it's important
to raise money for our school.
 Sweet Girl was excited to hit the pavement
asking for pledges though.................
 BUT I only let her go to two houses...
one of our dear friends and our hairdresser;)
They both made nice pledges:)
We went on quite the walk...
Hudson was thrilled to tag along;)
Aunt Michelle and Grandmother
made very nice contributions on
Hadlee's behalf!  She ended up
earning $100.  
The Jog a Thon was a Super Hero theme
and everyone had a blast!!!
My two faves:)
Way to Go, Girls!!!!!!!!!
South Bosque raised $23,000 which
was awesome!  No selling stuff, too! :)

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