Sunday, October 5, 2014


Mommy got a new phone and
everyone had to take a turn
taking selfies!!! ;)
Dolphin Tail 2!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee is loving her "new" iTouch
(my old iPhone!).  She sends me lots
of texts and pics!!!  I love it:)
Love her so very much:)
Two of River Valley's new
Panther Pride members!!!!!!!!!!!
See You at the Pole 2014
at River Valley...praying for their school!

So thankful Walker is willing to
step out and participate in things
like this.  I love him so much. 

Kelli & Me :)
Tackle Trampoline Football ;)
I am already LOVING my students
this year.  They are a RIOT!
Especially these two...
We are reading Hunger Games as a class:)
Some of the students are so talented in the
way they can illustrate what we are reading.  
(something this class loves to wear!?!)
Selfie with Grandmother:)
The NaNa's!!!!!!!!:)
One of my favorite things is
Viber with the NaNa's...
it's like the seven of us talk
all the time.  I don't know
what I'd do without those girls...
and this little bitty paw'd dog
that we all love;)
We don't skip a beat.  Seriously. 
A SiLLY FRiDaY evening...
 I love this little guy so much.  
He truly is pure love.  

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