Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cheer Clinic

Doesn't every cheerleader start
out a full day of cheering with
a plate full of bacon & hot cakes?!?
Midway High School Cheer Clinic!!!

With one of our very faves,
my former student, Taylor!!!:)
Waiting to perform for the parents
after the cheer clinic was over:)
Troy and Walker already had to be
at his football game, but of course
Grandmother came!!! 
Our cheerleaders are awesome!
Hadlee doing a pyramid:)
She was too cute out there and
she knew her cheers!!!
Haley & Nadaly did the camp with her!
They learned an adorable dance!
Hudson just had to go talk to the Panther!
The girl panther is actually
one of my current students:)
The girls had a blast and they
were so precious!!!!!!!!!!!
Haddie with Lexi, one of my students:)
The girls love Amelia, Haley's Bestie:)
She's such a precious girl!
Another one of mine, Madison:)
And another (from last year and an
older sister to Walker's buddy)...Caroline:)
So proud of our girl!!!!!!!!!!!
This sweet cheerleader stopped us because
she's a friend of Haley's and wanted to say hi:)
Haley M's sweet cheer friend:)
Such a FuN, FuN Day!!!!!!!!!!!
Next we had to RuSH to Troy
for the Big Brothers' game that they
had to CHeeR at!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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