Thursday, October 2, 2014

Serious Soccer Stud

The "Soccer Saga"
continues with our boy!!!!!
He gets dressed and ready every
single day for "soccer practice" and it's
usually followed by "baseball practice"!!!
He loves to do his soccer
"run out" and for us to all cheer! ;)
 One day he brought out his little
New Testament Bible and told me
it had a list of his teammates in it.
I was impressed...
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc.
They should be an awesome team this year;)
And of course "Coach Mike" calls
all the time.  "Coach Mike" has to tell
him when practice is, when they
are having pictures and for him
not to be late!  "Coach Mike" calls a lot;)
This SoCCer STuD is something else!!!

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