Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pink Out Panthers

Friday, October 3rd was
at Midway for Breast Cancer Awareness!
My team and I at the pep rally!  :)
That night was the game that Hadlee
got to perform during the pre-game with
the MHS Goal Tenders!!!
We were all excited for our sweet girl:)
Daddy's Girl
Whatever Big Brother or Big Sister does...
then Little Brother has to also!
We couldn't resist doing this one, too!!!;)
Even though Walker is almost as
big as his Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love this little girl!
CRaZY in LoVe;)
Adorable third grade friends ready to dance!!!
Also with their beloved music teacher,
Mrs. Flowers!!!!!!!
Jalayne and I taking a selfie
for her to tweet!  We are crazy like that;)
I love her.  We laugh so much.
Of course Grandmother and PaPa came
to watch their fave girl dance!
Tickled Pink:)
Sixth Grade Boys were watching, too! 
Reid, Dawson, Walker, Jonah, Walker
Show Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over 400 girls participated in the
Dance Team Clinic, but we were still
able to easily spot our STaR!!!!!!!
Her daddy standing up like a crazy
person waving and yelling "Hadlee"
might have helped;)  Hadlee said
her friend looked at her and said,
"Look at your Dad!!!!!!!!!!"
Hadlee lined up by Kolby
and Kate, Ella Reid and Caroline
were behind her!
Hudson was SOOOOOOOO excited at this point!
Let's Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!
It was a beautiful night for a
fun game and an awesome cause!
Plus we won BiG:)
Brenna was on one side of my girl
and Kate Kate on the other:)
What a WONDERFUL time!!!!!!!
Ella Kate, Hadlee, Addy, Brenna (and Shyanne)
with our favorite Goal Tender, Kolby!!!
Proud Grandparents!!!!!!!!!!
Our whole gang sat with us...
the Mercers, the Pettys and the Moores!
Cracks me up how all of our boys
AGAIN sat right in front of us.
I am SO thankful for that!!!
This would be Troy telling Walker
he would have to be in the flag core
when he's older if he missed any passes
the next day at the football game. 
We were ALL dying!!!
(And by the way, it worked...
Walker had his best game yet the next day!)
One of my precious students is a cheerleader
and then during half time she plays
in the band!  How awesome is that?!?
Crazy Jonah, Jared, Blake, Walker, Hudson
Walker took this of me without me
knowing and texted it to people like Haley!!!!!!!
So our best girl came to visit us!!!
I love this girl so much...
like a daughter, a friend, a sister!
We had a great time...
love our friends, family,
and the fun we have at our school
functions ~ especially watching
this little girl do her thing!!!  :)
Pretty in Pink for sure!!!!!!!!!!

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