Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our 15 Year Anniversary!

Troy and I celebrated our 15th 
wedding anniversary on September 25th.  
FiFTeeN YeaRS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it's been that long.
We are mostly having a whole lot of fun
because time is certainly FLYiNG!!!!

I got my hunk of burnin' lovin'
some new shirts for our annivesary
and NOT a single one fit!  ;)
Either I don't know his size well
or he's put on some weight this year! ha!
It's actually alllllllllllll muscle,
Stud Muffin!!!:)
Our actual anniversary was on a Thursday
evening which meant football practice,
cheerleading and Whataburger on the way home
and even doing some work at home!  
So Romantic;)))
We were cool with it because
that's just the stage of life we are in
and we really wouldn't have it any other
way.  Unless of course we were in 
the Bahamas.  That wouldn't be so bad;)
Troy gave me the Stella and Dot
engraved necklace EXACTLY
like I wanted (and told him!)
with 9.25.99 on it!!!
I absolutely LOVE it.  
Saturday night we had a HOT date
planned to our fave restaurant
and a babysitter lined up for all night. 
BUT then the babysitter had to cancel
so our HOT date got CRaSHeD!!!!!!;(
This is what our anniversary celebration 
looked like at our family's fave restaurant...
A HoT date gone terribly wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)
We will make up for it though!!!!!!!
Really & truly the absolute best part of our
15th anniversary happened the night before.
Hadlee was on the computer and I heard
Troy telling her she needed to go to bed.
She said she had to finish something. 
I thought she was playing a game. 
Later on that night I found this note
in my bathroom that she had put there
for me to find in the morning. 
Troy also had one. She had written
these allll by herself and I literally
cried it was just so sweet. 
  My precious "only" girl pretty much captured
my feelings for my 15th wedding
anniversary.  I am blessed WAY more than I
 could ever deserve with my husband and family.
Troy hung a copy of his in his office
the next day.  We were both so touched
by our sweet girl.  God bless her heart!
Happy Anniversary, Troy.
I love you more today than I did 15 years ago.
Plus you are even hotter now;)

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