Monday, October 20, 2014

Travis is Back!!!

Scott picked Travis up from Dallas
two weeks ago.  This was from
a video Lynna took of her
"baby" walking back in the door!!!!
Our Superman is back home from
his two month stay in Dallas at CNS.
God bless him!!!
He actually wanted to stay there
because he realized the progress
he was making from the awesome 
physical therapy there.
But such is is just too 
expensive for him to stay.
The funding ran out and of course
insurance won't let him stay there.
Don't even get me started on that though!

He had another swallow study done
there before he left.  Again I found
myself pleading with God
for healing, improvement, anything.  
Someone posted this on Lynna's
Facebook and I thought it was perfect:
"Please please Lord, give Travis
this gift.  He is working so hard, 
has not lost faith and has brought
together your people."
It is SO true and I found myself
questioning God when we did not
get the results that we wanted
from that test.  I mean seriously,
how much more can one person take?
How much more can his mother
and dad take?  His Grandmother?
Heck, even his Aunt!
It hurts so, so much.  

Then I read this on Kelly's Korner
and it was just profound to me:
"We knew God could heal her.  
We read in Mark 7:31-37 that God
can heal the deaf.  But we pray more
for His will in her life.  I don't want
to interfere with something amazing He
might have for her.  We so often draw
closest to God during tough times and
this may be what makes her cling to
God the most.  I've prayed often that
I won't stand in the way of things
God wants to use to bring the girls
to Him.  I'm not the rescuer.  HE IS."
Even though I steer from this
and I doubt and I question
and my heart literally aches
over Travis and his situation -
(sometimes it really does just
overtake me...a hurt/pain...
deep within me.  Makes
me think how often my beautiful
sister must feel this gut wrenching pain
which is far more often and far more deep).
The suffering:  his loneliness, his
lack of friends, his frustrations, his struggles
to do really what
gets me. But I believe in what Kelly said!!!
I really believe that even though
I have these emotions and I long
for God to answer my prayers the
way "I" want them answered.
I KNOW.  I know deeper
than the hurt that I can't stand in
the way nor do I want to (nor can I)
 of God's bigger, PERFECT plan. 
We are so glad he's home and LOVE
spending time with him.  We are 
praying for good things to come his way:)
Please keep praying for our Superman!

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snekcip said...

Oh Mindy, I was so overjoyed to see TRAVIS when I opened the blog this a.m. I don't visit blogland as often as I want since school has started back. However, as you know Travis is "my inspiration" in so many ways. I know God has special plans for Travis and although we don't see it, know that God is working behind the scenes and will reveal the BIG PICTURE in the near future. I know its easy to say these things "when you aren't walking in shoes, such as yalls'. However, I see a young man that has so much potential and such as zest for life that it stills shows in his eyes and that everlasting smile. It may have seem the accident has robbed him of many of his motor abilities but did not rob him of his motivation to LIVE and to THRIVE. Like my mother use to say "The devil is a liar and a deceiver". Friends come and go, but FAMILY IS FOREVER. Always let Travis know that he has FRIENDS FAR AND WIDE and always lifting him in prayer. When there are those that seem to separate from you, it only means God is bringing others to draw nearer. Mindy please know what you are feeling is normal. WE ARE HUMAN! God allows us to "question", he knows our weaknesses, he is aware of or doubts... whether we speak it out loud or hold it in. Just never give up on FAITH. Without Faith we have NOTHING. Travis you have come so far and you have nothing but goodness that await you. You my friend, are in GOD'S FAVOR.