Monday, October 13, 2014

October is Here!

Wonder who already picked out
and bought his Halloween costume?!?
I am now taking turns teaching
the Pre-K Praise class at our church.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I already have a favorite though;)
Actually a couple of sweet favorites:)
Sunday afternoon watching the
Dallas Cowboys...
WiTH my favorite Cowboy!!!
What are we going to do?!?
This came home in Hadlee's folder...
with a phone number on it, too!
Not to even mention the little boy
who actually DiD call her at home!!!!!!!!
SeVeRaL TiMeS!!!!!!!!!!!
We didn't let her talk though;)
Dave sent this box home with Hudson
from Mrs. Janice's!  It has provided
endless hours of entertainment but not
just for Hudson...for Walker, too!!!!!!!
AND Jonah!!!  BoYS!!!!!!!!!!!
October 1st Treats!!!!!!!
Driving home with my Little Love!
Walker is taking an Advanced Math class.
I seriously can't help him!!!!!
It's so hard.  He made a 96 in the class
for the first six weeks.  He's made
a 100 on the first two tests.
Thank Goodness for his Daddy!!!!!
He and Walker get into big
discussions over these problems.
I don't EVEN get it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Carrs gave Huds this Peyton Manning
jersey and he loves it!  So cute!!!
Sweet Girl continues to be petrified
of storms.  It breaks my heart.
She gets sooooooooo scared.
Several people call/text to check on her
so during this storm I sent out a picture.
God bless her heart!!!:(
Soccer practice continues...
Coach Mike still calls A LOT
telling Huds when he needs to practice
and where.  Hudson is so
serious about this!!!!!!!!!!!
He is just talking away to Coach Mike;)
He claims that Coach Mike insists
that he wear jeans to practice now?!?
Even in the 90 degree temps!!!
Wednesdays are the ONLY day we don't
have anything.  I love our Wednesday evenings!
I cook and we play!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds has added baseball to his
practice schedule, too!  ;)
How precious are these two H's?!?

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