Monday, June 12, 2017

Dad Days ~ July 2016

Some of the staff at the nursing home
have become like FAMILY to us.  
This lady is definitely one of them.
Felicia will always be our "sister"!  
Felicia was with us from the beginning.
She fell in love with Dad and we fell 
in love with her.  The difference is that 
she truly cares.  She brought us much
peace and comfort because we knew
she was going to take care of her "Papa"
when we weren't there.  
God knew we needed Felicia.  
She cried the day Dad had to leave
for the other hospital in Mexia.  
We were so thankful for this woman
and we were so very sad when
she had to move to Dallas:(
I busted Michelle!!!  ha ha!
My mom, sisters and I have not 
relented in our "shifts" for our beloved Dad!
We are there for him...
of course it mostly falls on my mother,
but we do our best to give her
breaks as often as we possibly can!
Speaking of Sweet Grandmother,
this was her 78th birthday...
The men's table;)
We've come to love lots of special
workers at the nursing home...
It's really, really hard to let the good ones go.
They often change jobs though:(
 Dad loves seeing Terry & Troy!
Guess he really always wanted sons;)))
Balancing this life with my parents and with
 the busy, fun, and exciting days for my three 
little ones is tough.  I try my hardest though.    
My parents have always been my absolute
#1 fans NO.MaTTeR.WHaT. 
They are the real deal.  
I am so very thankful for them
and I'll continue to do whatever I 
can to take care of them.

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