Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Road Trip to Austin!

Road trips are so peaceful and easy...
Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
We had a wonderful escape for a few days
with Kelli, Kate, Caroline, Hank and Ella!!!
Drew joined us!  
They are so cool ;)
I love this age!
Sweet Girls!
We had a BLAST!
I love being with my best girl!
Hitting up A-Town
GIBSON Street:)
We took these for T-Dawg!
Precious Thing!
One thing for certain...
Kelli & I have a blast ~
whether just sitting around 
or driving around.
We are cool moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
Our kiddos know how to have a blast, too!
Huds right at home:)
Gotta go shopping!
Such a fun time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8th Grade, here they come!!!!!!
We can't forget these precious three!💙
I realize not everyone has a best 
friend like this ~ one who knows every
thing about your life, your family (past and 
present) and would do anything in the
world for you.  Traveling with and hanging
with this person is just right.  
It's perfect.  

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