Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This, That and Lots More (July 2016)

Hudson & his Line Ups and Plays...
Sister and her sweet calligraphy...
LOVE it!!!!❤
My favorite face timer....
With the election that was upcoming....
Circle Drive Family Baseball!!!
I'm afraid many of my friends
would attest to this.  
The amount of texts and group texts
I have going is ALARMING.  
My Little Loves💜
These two are so sweet & fun!!!
These three are pretty sweet & fun, too!
He melts me.
Strength & Conditioning
Baxter came for a visit...he's so big now!
Teenager Life
Six Year Old Life
I'd be a RICH, RICH woman
if I had a dollar for every time this
kid is practicing his swing!!!!
Summer LOVIN'!
ABBY Girl!
Hey Baxter...
Hadlee had seen pictures that Haley
had taken like this...whatever Big Sister
does, Little Sister has to do, too!  
Ready for some summer select practice!!!
Jared helped him get the "flow" with his hat!
Funny Macy & Hads  
Throw Back...
It's crazy to think back to where
we were in those first days...
I thought life was OVER.  
I can't believe that July 25th
marked SIX years.
And continuing to pray and plead
with all my heart.............
This girl loves to eat!  ha!
She especially loves her daddy's steak!!!
CoCo and Company HOOKED 
this boy UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And me, tooooooooooo!!!!!
We are GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Best gifts :)
This boy makes my heart so happy!
Our favorite music teacher
moving up with Hadlee left me 
all happy for her but sad for Huds!
Putting in the work............
all the time!!!!!!!!!!
Kim took the boys to Baylor
campus for Pokemon catching.
She created this to remember
my boy at Baylor!  ha!
If he's not playing ball or creating line ups/games/plays,
then he is WATCHING!!!!!!!!!
OR......he's loving on his mama!!!!!❤
God knew we needed him....
I won this at a workshop but had
no clue what it was!!!!!!!!!!!
Shopping with Grandmother!!!!!!!!!
I love these days.
4 years ago and still one 
of my all time favorite pics!
Unfortunately staph got me on 
the face this time!!!!!!!!!

I had no other choice but for Dr. G
to cut it out!  OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
At least it made me slow down for a minute;)
My sweet girl made me this...
And my sweet boy did this ........
His snuggles are the best♡
Summer, we ❤ you!!!!!!

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