Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Possum Kingdom Lake

We took an AWESOME trip to 
Possom Kingdom Lake
the weekend before school started!!!
We made the drive late that afternoon ....
The families we were meeting there
were already there!!!
amazing families!!!!!!!!!!!!
We jumped right in;)
It was a rainy weekend but it didn't 
matter!  The place was amazing!!!!!!!!!
How can I be this lucky?!?
I am SO thankful❤
I loved watching this from afar:)
The 8th Graders
I loved me some Sawyer time!
Sunshine, where are you?!?
He was about to turn 14!!!
My BOYS!!!!💓
I love them so much❤
Especially that crazy big one;)
Dad diving time!!!
Reid, Dawson, Walker
I love all these pics..............
These two little besties are something else❤
When your kids find friends
with whom you LOVE their parents!
I love this kid!!!!!!!!!!!
Such sweet friends♡
Meanwhile on the top floor.............
My favorite picture...
"No, we didn't jump on the beds!!!"
Clearly, we had some fun!!! :)

I just can't resist his sweet little face♥
Time for a BOAT Ride!!!!
Loving Life!!!
Seeing that beautiful cross
reminded me just how grateful I am❤
Walker read his novel for 
Pre-AP English on the way home:)
An AMaZiNG trip we will never forget!!!!

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