Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Friday morning of Camp!!!!!
Kelli & I met up to pick
up our kiddos (the boys had
games & Kate didn't want to
go to the water park)...
So fun for Kelli & me to be
back at Sondays Camp!!!!!!!!!!!
Not everybody has a Kelli G
in their life.  I'm so thankful
for my best friend...
The last time for us to pick
up this baseball crew!!!
Such an AWESOME week!!!!!!!!!
❤My Faves❤
Telling everyone BYE!
CAMP was CRaZY that day!!!
Bad weather was approaching and 
everyone ended up in our hotel room!  
Then we hit up the mall!
Sister and I know how to handle
a weather delay!!! ;)
Tdawg and Kevin shopping;)
Good Times;)
Z was good!!!
Then we all checked into our 
new hotel near the World Series fields...
Huds had to work out
for the summer Olympics;)
Luckily we had a nice big suite
because everyone ended up crashing
in our room as we waited to hear
if we'd get to play.  
Even Kevin!
Our game ended up being postponed
so we all went to watch the other
STORM team who still got to play
that night......yay for seeing Halie:)
The change in schedule was a drag
because our boys were ready to 
play some BALL!!!!!!!!!
But it turned out to be a really 
fun day, too!!!!!!

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