Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dad Days ~ August

Sometimes when it's my "shift", 
I get kinda lonely & sad.  
I'm sitting right beside the man who
looks JUST LIKE MY DAD, but
he's nothing like my dad.  He's quiet,
he doesn't know me, and he 
angers very easily over nothing.  
It's a surreal feeling.  
I can't imagine what this is like
for my mother because it's
every single day without an 
escape like I have.  
One of those evenings in particular,
Dad and I had Face Timed with Troy.
The very next thing I knew
my handsome man walked in.
I think he knew I needed him.
Dad likes seeing Troy, too:)
Sweet kids...honestly they don't like or want
to visit the nursing home.  This is not an 
easy thing for them to comprehend.  
They are always super sweet once there though.  
Dad is clueless of course,
but Mother loves it!!!!!!!!!
This man was one of my absolute
favorites there!  I was so sad when 
they moved him to another wing.  
He was so kind.  
Many AD patients "fiddle" with things
or apparently they must see things on 
the floor or on the table and try to pick 
them up.  It's crazy.  
Sometimes I bring a long key chain
for Dad to fidget with.  
Face Time!
We never know how Dad is going 
to respond to Troy.  
You have to laugh.  Or you will cry.  
Nova visiting!!!!!!
Sweet Tiffany & Logan before 
they left for college.....
Papa has a real smile...
deep down we know how proud
he is of Logan!
Mom and Dad's church sends him
cards each week and one of the 
pastors (Kip) visits often.
That means so much!

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