Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The boys were able to wake up at camp on 
Day 2 and begin the experience!
Little did I know that before recreation
that day, Woodway would be having a 
COLOR RUN of sorts!!!!!
I mean, how COOL is this?!?
What a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect for PRE-Game!  ha ha!
Woodway always does things up 
RIGHT at Sondays Camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE these boys!!!!!!!!!!!
And girls!!!
We had to pick the boys up for their game 
later that afternoon.  We had no idea that
they would look like SMURFS when 
we picked them up!!!
Hadlee ;)
They had CoLoR all over them!!!
We loaded them up with Chickfila
and headed to the ball park
all the way across Dallas!
This kid jumps right in....
#25 & the team were in it to win it!!!
I can't say it enough...I was so 
thankful for the way my man 
stepped up for this week of 
ANOTHER "W" for the Storm Boys!
We all took our own boys
back to camp that evening.....
This too a full on family commitment 
to make all this happen
and my heart was full!
Every time we took Walker back,
we'd stop for food
and I always brought my other picky
eater something back:)
Gotta take care of my Kate Kate!!!
Another successful day of 
Thank you, Lord!
We went back to Waco that night 
after stopping for dinner for 
the four of us!  :)

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