Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Thursday is a big day at Sonday's Camp...
it's the Concert of Prayer Day.  
They didn't have this when I was there.
It is amazing.  
Bob leads First Woodway 
while the bagpipes play throughout 
Mt. Lebanon.  
The students are reverent, serious and
deep in prayer.  It's amazing.  
Seeing Walker and his friends make
 this walk brings tears to my eyes 
and HOPE for their futures.  
 Our boys were able 
to experience the march to the
Worship Center, but they had to 
miss the actual Concert of Prayer:(
Another day doing both ✔
These two are CHAMPS!!!!!
Hudson had an awesome buddy 
in Patrick!  They played catch 
throughout the entire week:)
Little Shawnette:)
This Girl❤❤❤
It was a CRAZY, crazy close
and exciting game but our 
boys PULLED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were sooooooooooo pumped!!!!!
Looked like Jen was about to back
pack through Europe!!!;) 
WOW...these boys played their
hearts out and they came through!!!
Some of the parents and fellow 
teammates were disgruntled and worried
that our boys were attempting to do
the tournament and camp. 
They feared our guys would be
too tired to perform on the field.
These four proved them wrong!
God had to have been with them!!!!!
And Huds of course;)
Off we went...........
Walker played his heart out
and he was EXHAUSTED!!!!
Dropping off food to our girl...
As we dropped off Walker, 
I spotted these handsome guys
ready for "Friend Night"!
We checked into our hotel
and snuggled as a family of four:)
Then we hit the pool!
That evening we made our first
trip to BABE'S and we loved it!!!
Hadlee and I hit up Super Target!
Then she snuggled with her daddy♥
Meanwhile back at camp,
"Friend Night" was going down.....
 Picking up their dates...
Walker's two "friend dates"
were just precious!!!
 I was told that he was the
perfect gentleman!

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