Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Santa Anna ~ July 2016

I am so, so thankful we made
this trip to Santa Anna in July❤
We had wonderful visits to Mamaw
and Papa Jimmy's, Grandpa Robinett's,
Uncle James and Aunt Cindy's, 
Grandma Pierce's and Aunt Jean's........
Cuzin' Luvin'
We ❤ Great Grandma Pierce!
I love how these two sweet cousins
love each other so much!!!
Huds isn't so much into
Walker givin' his Mama any lovin'!
♡These pictures with Grandpa Robinett
are absolutely priceless to us♡
We were loved, taught and led 
by the most amazing man!  
I love that my sons knew and loved
their Great Grandpa Robinett....
Thank you, Dear Lord!

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