Thursday, June 22, 2017

BOYS! Hair Cuts and Shopping!!!

I love love LOVE this little boy
with long blonde crazy locks!!!!
He & Daddy thought it was time 
for an end of summer cut though:(
On his very own, Hudson pulled
up THIS picture to show Mrs. Debbie
what he wanted!!!
Mama said NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It turned out pretty cute 
on my boy even if it was shorter
than I wanted!!!!!
Both boys lookin' all handsome 
with their end of summer cuts!
Boy's hair is a BIG deal.  
So excited to be picking up 
catcher's gear from Ryan D!!!
Teenage Boys
Shopping with Walker is an
He never wants to go but when 
I make him, 
he's always up to something;)
How has this happened?!?
So very handsome heading to a 
girl/boy summer bash!
What NOT to do?!?
...take two 13 year old boys to Hobby Lobby!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHHH....much better❤
These three are my everything!

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