Thursday, June 22, 2017


This kid is one in a million!
I love him so much❤
He is ALWAYS making line ups and plays.
He uses MLB players, college players
and Walker's friends.  He is spot on 
with his positions and players.  
First and foremost though he wants
to be PLAYING!!!  Here he is geared
up for a select practice with his Midway team.
BUT....he's a pack rat!!!!!!
He wants to keep everything ~ especially
anything sports related.  We had no choice
but to clean out his closet & room!!!!!
(This was with all the junk pulled
out of his closet!!!)
It was quite a job and he still has a
TON of "stuff", but it's so HUDS!
So much for me saying no kid of mine
would ever hang posters in their room.
His best buddy continues to be GRIFFIN!!!
Celebrating Griffin's 7th Birthday...
Hudson went for his first sleep over at
Griffin's.  I was so surprised that he wanted to go...
he never even hesitated!

  I'm so thankful these two met up in kindergarten.  
Hudson's first sleep over at Griffin's
with some buddies and his brothers
was a HUGE success!  I love that Huds
loves Griffin's parents.  I have a feeling
they will be our dear friends forever.  
Summer time select practice!!!
Although he's always practicing...
Or watching YouTube videos about sports!
This is our boy.
This was him waiting on Daddy to get
home from work to play catch.
Hudson is a dream come true
for our entire family!❤

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