Thursday, June 22, 2017

Girl Time

Shopping with this girl is also
an adventure!  It's all good
if she's finding stuff she likes
and stuff that fits!!!  ;)
AND of course if Mom is agreeing
to buy it all!!!!!!!!!!!

She's so much fun!

She likes to mimic her Big Sister Hales!;)

Hadlee has made such precious friends...
I adore Abby!!!!!!

And Macy!!!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty much what is 
occupying my girl's mind...
Locker decor ideas;)

I spent a fortune on her locker!  LOL!

Also, her very own instagram!!!!!!

Then there's Hadlee's "befrand"
Ella Girl!!!!  These two are something else!

We ❤ Ella!!!!!!!!!!

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