Monday, June 12, 2017


Up and at 'em for some baseball!!!
(With my fake coffee!!!)
This was DAY ONE of the 
AAYBA World Series...
Hadlee entertained herself by taking
pictures of all of us moms!!!  ;)
Let's Go, #25!
These two keep us smiling!
They are so cute and fun!!!!
So, this week was HUGE
and involved a lot of controversy
leading up to it.  The World Series fell 
on the same week as Sondays Camp!
Some boys chose not to attend
camp, but I never made it a question
whatsoever that we would do 
whatever it took for Walker
to fully partipate in his 
tournament with/for his team
AND get in as much Sondays Camp
as we could.  Would it be 
tiring and difficult?  YES.
Would it be worth it?  YES.  

I was SOOOOO beyond thankful
when my husband supported this 
110% without hesitation.  This meant
everything to me!  Sondays Camp was 
such a meaningful part of my life
and Troy saw what it did/meant for
Walker last summer.  
I loved that Troy was on board for this;
in fact, he volunteered to be THE driver
to and from for all the boys that wanted
to do both.  HE wanted to be sure that 
they got to their games on time
and this took a HUGE commitment 
since we were all over the metroplex!

That afternoon before the first games, the 
mamas and I drove to camp
to choose their bunks and set 
up their stuff!
I was so thankful we all committed to doing this!
Camp Little Sisters:)
Hadlee helped me get Walker's
bunk set up!
We won our first game!!!  
It was a crazy close game
and Walker was on fire!
I love our baseball family!!!!!!!!
Walker on the mound!!!
It was another awesome game!
Sweet girls supporting their 
big brothers with another WIN!!!!!
After that game, we all took 
our boys to Mt. Lebanon
for SONDAYS CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker was so pumped...
big wins and NOW, 
There's no place like Sondays Camp!

The four STORM boys arriving
at camp and READY to ROLL!  ;)
LOVE these guys!!!!!!
This took commitment
to their team AND to their faith!

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