Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I absolutely LOVE the 
drive into Mt. Lebanon...
Of course this one reminds me
of Paul Saxon and his sweet family:)
They took the First Woodway Camp
picture that morning.  
Doesn't Walker look cute?  ;)
This group sure has grown since I was there!
We grabbed our crew and headed
to Chickfila to get their lunch!
They were tired, but ready to play ball!
I laughed because they were making
fun of Walker for being the first to
go to sleep the night before!  ha ha
Let's Do This!
The boys from camp led the team
in prayer before their game!!!!
Coach Troy recruited a cute 
first base coach...also a Coach Troy;)
Looking Good, #25!
These two❤
The team had a HUGE come back 
win during this game.  
We scored FOURTEEN runs in
ONE inning to win it!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out Dad looking on at his boy!
Another "W" in the books!!!
So PROUD of these boys!!!
Huds had to get in for one!!!
Midway Storm Mamas! 💜 
I love them each so much!!!!!!
This kid amazes me!
After the game it was a large
pizza all to himself...
And then we dropped him back off....
Of course I dropped a pizza 
off for Kate, too:)
We went back to Waco that evening...
and met Grandmother for dinner...
We were wearing DOWN....
And Hadlee was being mean 
taking these pics of me!!!!!!
We loved getting some 
Grandmother time in❤
So tired we were silly!  
That night the kids drew for
"friend night"...I was thankful for 
counselors and moms there who
sent me some sneak peaks!!!
Much to our dismay, 
Walker & Kate didn't draw each other!
Walker got not one, but TWO 
precious seventh grade girls!!!
He's so cute!!!
I love him so much
and I missed him.........
but there's no place I'd rather
him be than at Sondays Camp!!!!!

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