Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mother's 78th Birthday!

Grandmother's 78th Birthday...
of course she was with my dad
at the nursing home.  
We went by to see our favorite
summer birthday girl❤
After she was done with Dad that
evening, we celebrated her!!!
We love our Mother/Grandmother
more than words could ever say!!!
The kids taught Grandmother
to DAB!!!!!!!!!!
She's so much fun!!!!
There couldn't be a more wonderful, kind, supportive and loving mother in the whole wide world! July 18th was my beautiful Mother's 78th birthday and she exemplifies all that a mother, wife and grandmother is supposed to be! On the day of Travis's accident when Lynna was desperately trying to get back to Waco but was still hours away, I'll never forget what my mom said when the ICU nurse announced we would all have to leave Trav's room from 2-4 (hospital rules). My mother was sitting by her grandson's bed and without even looking up (praying I'm sure), she said,"I'm not leaving this room until my daughter is here." The nurse didn't even argue. She knew this mother/grandmother meant business. That's just who she is. And as a wife to our dad.....well, there's not enough space to describe her last 57 years as a devoted wife - especially since November 2015. 
She's amazing and we LOVED celebrating her!!!!!! 
Happy Birthday, Sweet Mother❤❤️
 I love you with all my heart!

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