Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Since our Friday game had been 
postponed, we had to play early
early on Saturday morning.  
The change in schedule and the down 
time the day before ended up doing
more harm than good for our boys.  
The two cutest World Series
Cheerleaders EVER!!!
 At this point we were down to four teams
out of FORTY-FOUR!!!
This game didn't go as well as 
we would have liked:)
Seven games in one week finally
caught up with us (I think!)...
Lunch and back to the hotel
before our last game...
Dad Room!!!!
Pool Time for the Littles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then back to the fields!!!!!!!!!
Let's Do This!!!!
The final game...
playing for 3rd Place out of 44 teams!!!
Cutest little sisters EVER!
Walker pitched...
These girls had a blast all week!
And so did this kid!!!  
Thanks, Coach Troy!!!!!!!!!!
Trophy Time!
Proud of you, Son!
Honestly normally our boys wouldn't
(and really would not be allowed to celebrate)
fourth place in a tournament.
But 4th place out of 44 teams from
ALL over is awesome!!!
We even placed ahead of our other
STORM team!
This is definitely a family commitment!
Way to Go, Midway Boys!
Walker & Johnny B looked so 
much alike in their build...
especially in their uniforms!
Only Reid and Walker would 
pretend their trophies were light sabers...
So thankful for our two families
who have become LIKE family❤
This was an incredible week!!!!!!!!!
I love you, #25♡
Way to Go, Storm!!!!!
Walker, we are so proud of you
and your attitude and how hard
you work!  It's paying off!!!!
And we were off.............
Love Love LOVE my Boy!!!!
Thanking his siblings for their support! ;)
These THREE!!!!!💚
I'd do anything in the world for them!!!
We ended up staying one more night
just for fun and finished off by
going to eat with the Cromies!
It was the perfect end to our week!!!
Friends who are like Family❥
Huds was still going strong 
when we got back to the hotel...
I had to race him up the stairs rather
than take the elevator!!!
What a WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We just couldn't be prouder of you, Son!

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