Thursday, June 15, 2017

Heading HOME from Baseball & Camp

We survived!!!
Sondays Camp and 7 World Series Games
in the Metroplex all in the same week!
We hadn't a clue what day it was...
I think it was Sunday;) when we 
finally headed home!

The only day I really doubted was
the first day when we picked up the
boys and they were all BLUE!!!  
Good thing blue is a storm color;)

It was a TEAM and FAMILY effort
all the way around by many people
and my heart was full from it all.
It was SO worth it and 
I truly believe the Good Lord helped
us with the best case scenarios on 
game times, safe travels across
the Metroplex, and some serious
strength for our boys!

I love our families, our church,
our baseball team and my favorite four....
These three are my HEART and SOUL!
Beyond PROUD of my #25!!!!!
Heading Home!!!
Pure LOVE!!!!!!!!!!♡
We hadn't even finished unloading
the car and this kid had on full
catcher gear asking someone 
to throw to him!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Lord, for 
an amazing week!!!!!!!!!!!

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