Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ranger Game ~ July 2016

Heading from the Gaylord to the 
Pierce Party of Five's HaPPY Place!!!
We got there early enough for 
this kid to watch warm ups and some BP!
It was awesome!!!
Huds right by the bullpen...
that's Derek Holland RIGHT THERE!
Coach popped around the corner of the 
Bullpen and gave Huds a ball!!!
Autograph Time!!!
Huds knew these players,
I didn't;)

THEN............we went to do some
shopping and LOOK who we 
came upon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The FOX SPORTS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
She was so awesome!  Look at her
checking out Hudson.  It was too cute!!!
Linsey said how about a picture!!!!!
OF COURSE Walker had to get in on this!!!
Sweet Sister, too!!!!!!!
AND OF COURSE!!!!!!! ;)
But don't count Mama out!!!!!
We were star struck! 
Our very happy place!❤
10 years old
Emily in the background!!!!

6 years old
Trying to get Emily's attention ;)
Ian of Hudson's favorites RIGHT THERE!
A player threw a ball up!!!!!!!!!!!
Taking video and pictures with his iTouch!
Beltre at Bat!!!!  He is Hudson's
all time favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Future of the MLB!  LOL!
AN AWESOME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fire Works!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep Dreamin', Babe!!!!!!!!!!
MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian Desmond....RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!
A family knew him!
A very nice security guard
took Hudson's ball down there for 
him to sign!!!!!  :)
13 years old!
What a night!!!!!!!!
Huds chose an Ian Desmond shirt
that night and then he got his ball signed!
I was so happy for this kid!!!!!!!!!!
I have so many awesome memories
from this ball park with each 
of my kiddos!!! And for myself;)
We Everything TEXAS!!!!
Heading home the next day....
Hads found me the ultimate game!!!  ;)
SO, SO thankful for such a fun get away
with my favorite four in all of this world!

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