Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baseball Fever Finale

Meet my little baseball player
at about six months old
(with that cute coach I love!!!)...

Check out that swing at seven months old...

Walker was a fun little ball player back then, too!!!

Two years old & he loved bats and balls...
Walker, you have done nothing but melt
your mommy's heart since day one.

So proud of you for practicing then...

and now...

Mommy says, "Hey ya''s Bubba's
last game. Let's get a good picture!"
"Okay, so we'll try for that picture
next year."
This is the way to watch a game ~
chillin' on mommy's legs...
Two great hits at your last game...
I even got the best one on video!!!
You love running those bases...especially
when you get to cross home plate!You also made TWO great outs that game!
Having good 'ole dad out in the field
might have helped!!!To my favorite coach...I love that you coach
our son's teams. And that you love to do it.
It means the world to me and even more
so to one certain little player...
Our favorite little fans...Walker, look how far you've come with
that batter's stance...The Vipers had a great season closer!!!Then it was off to a Pizza Party to
officially celebrate!!!And best of all, get TROPHIES!!!Little boys are so much fun!!!

Walker...Mommy and Coach Daddy are so proud of you! Remember that first strike out at the beginning of the season? You thought that was devastating! I'm so glad you realized that everyone strikes out...and not just once! But you practiced and you started hitting that ball so well!!! We love your drive for playing and being on a team. That's really what it is ALL about! We were so surprised the other night to hear you say you wanted to play fall baseball instead of soccer??? We'll see...doesn't matter to us whatever you do. We just want you to have fun and always do your best. You're off to a great start to many glory days!

We love you, #9!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baseball Fever ~ Part I

Walker Studman #9's first season
of coach pitch baseball has come to an end!
He had a great time and we
are so super proud of him!!!
Two of his little-est fans who
were always there supporting #7 and #9
(when they weren't off playing with each other!).
The dug-out was a time for serious
preparation for being at bat...
or for checking out snails & worms!!!
Have I told ya'll that I fell head over
heels for one of Walker's coaches?!? My All-Star...This was a priceless moment ~ after
Walker's first time to make it all the way
around the bases to home (NOT by his
hit only), he came running over to me
to get a drink.
He said, "I made a homerun!"
You sure did, babe...
In mommy's eyes anyways!!!Walker was so lucky to have his best bud
from the Hood, his best bud from pre-k,
and his best bud from kindergarten on his team.
It was even cool when we played other buds!!!Cutest cheerleader there ever was...
wearing her Go Walker shirt no doubt!

Aunt Michelle was there to love on #9, too!Mamaw, too!!! Of course...she loves her some Walker! Even both sides of great grandparents made it to some of his games. They get their very own post though!

He looked so grown-up out there...but yet, he's still my baby boy. Just don't say that around him!

I can't imagine my life without these two spunky kids!!!

There's that cute coach again!!!
#9 is mine, all mine!!!
I decided to bring that hot coach on home with me!!!
Grandmother & PaPa were often
at Big W's games. No surprise there!!!On one particular game day,
Walker's best buddy from his class &
teammate came home from school with him.
Those are good days!!!Sweet Lauren & Haddie Girl...This couple melts my baseball fever... One way to pass time at a ball game
is to blow bubbles...
Here are the infamous #'s 7 and 9...
GO VIPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Such a fun team!!! There I go taking home that coach
again...gotta do what ya gotta do!!!
Post game pic with Mommy...
he said he was going to do a tough
face. That's my boy!
Definitely a season to remember!!!

Season closer coming up tomorrow...with a TROPHY!!!