Friday, July 28, 2017

Spencer's Wedding

This cute guy and I were excited
for a night out for a special wedding!
The precious flower girl from our 
wedding was all grown up and 
getting married!!!!!!!!!❤
It was such a beautiful wedding
and reception.  The venue was gorgeous!
I love this guy❤
17 years and going strong!
BUT how in the world was our flower
girl old enough to be getting married!?!
Brad was Troy's Best Man 
at our wedding!!!
Spencer is Brad's beautiful daughter.
Spencer was such a special part of 
Troy's life for many years!
Everything was so perfect that night!
The high school BUDS!
Troy dancing with the bride.....
Spencer used to entertain us with
her songs and dancing and singing.
She was such an adorable little girl!!!
My beautiful little flower girl 
and gorgeous!!!!
Such a fun night with dear friends!
Spencer's Grandmother had these sweet
pictures from our wedding and made
this collage!!!!!!!!  Don't blink is so true!!!!
Then I had to make this collage!!!
So happy for our sweet flower girl❤

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