Monday, July 17, 2017

Hudson's First Flag Football Team!

Big Huds
was up next!!!!!
For his first year, we played at the 
Woodway Family Center.
A friend of ours picked him up
and Troy decided to coach with him.
We had NO idea the friendships that
were about to take OFF even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My girl ADORES these two little ones!!!
Huds was chosen as THE Quarterback
and the rest was history for this team!!!
Jersey Day!  Of course Hudson
pretended this was signing day!!!
FIRST GAME & we were ready!!!
SO, SO excited to watch our favorite
little guy play some flag football!!!
Hudson's #1 Fans in our GREEN!!!!
for the..................
  (Mean) Green Machines!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the funny official;)
Brooks & Huds ready for KICK OFF!
While sister ran her babysitting club!  :)
We won the first game BIG!!!!!!!!!!!
THE Sweetest Girls♡
These two make QUITE the duo!!!!!!
The QB and his Main Man Receiver!
Grayson, too!!!! 
Such an awesome team!!!!!!!!
Huds has a very cool fan club!!!!!!!!!
THESE THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE TRIO........for the scores & the flags!
Most Precious Cheerleaders!
After the game and they are STILL
playing football!  This time with Kyle & Walker!
This game we had Jared & Walker 
running the chains!
They are a mess!
Sweet Grandmother tried not to miss a game!!!
Let's do this GREEN MACHINES!
Too sweet♡
Another WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson becamse quite the QB...
touch down pass after touch down pass
and I'm not even kidding!
It was SO fun!!!!
He did awesome and he had some
awesome players on his team to catch
the ball and run it in for the TD's!
We were all SO proud
Two QB's!!!!!!!!
My favorite Wide Receiver 
with my favorite Quarter Back!!!
Hudson has many big brothers!
Makes my heart so full❤
Hudson's weakness was getting flags.
He probably preferred to just be the QB
and sit out on defense!  ha!
After this particular game, Coach Pierce
suggested a private lesson
from Walker and Jared....
This whole thing had me ROLLING!!!
Jared & Walker meant business;)
It was VERY funny to watch!
Obviously this guy took it
quite seriously as well;)
SO stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the boys didn't let up!
They were really into coaching him...
Then Coach Pierce showed up, too!
They would make Hudson run when 
he didn't get the flag like they taught him;)
Of course it ended up getting ugly;)
Some tears were shed for a second!!!
Then the silly, cute coaches made it fun again!!!
Sweet are our STUD MUFFIN!
So very proud of you and I'll
always be your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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