Monday, July 24, 2017

Our 17th Anniversary❤

On September 25th, Troy and I celebrated
our 17th Wedding Anniversary❤
The joy in my favorite picture
from our wedding is still there TODAY!
What our 17th looked like....LOL!
It was a random night and we
ended up going to eat as a family♡
Even Grandmother joined us!  :)
We celebrated on our own 
another night!  ❤❤❤
So much to be thankful for in 1999....
And WAY more by the time 2010 
rolled around and our family was
 Then.                                         Now.  
I don't know how or why because
we certainly don't deserve it,
but we have been been blessed 
beyond measure!!!
Happy Anniversary to the man who spoils me rotten, drives me crazy and loves me like nobody EVER has! I am one lucky girl!!!! We really don't post stuff to each other on social media cuz we would rather just SaY it but I couldn't resist on our annivesary. I love him so much! He's such a good man AND still a hottie after all these years! 
I am so thankful for this crazy life with him. 
Wifey loves YOU, Troy❤️

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