Tuesday, July 4, 2017

First Day of School ~ 1st, 5th, 8th

Here we go...
FiRST Day of School
1st, 5th, 8th
8th Grade Here He Comes!!!
Hello 5th Grade!!!!
1st Grade, Baby!!!!!!!!
Praying for an awesome year
for my LOVES!!!!!!!!
Ages 13, 10, 6
Everything I ever dreamed of...........
Mommy's first day of her
19th year of teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cora dropped Jersi off so these
two could go together on their
first day of 5th grade!
Sweet Girls❥
How Big Boy waits for his 
car pool to MMS!  ;)

Daddy took Huds, I took the girls
and the Ayers took the boys.  
5th Grade at River Valley!!!
My sweet boy and Mrs. Neuhaus!!!!!!
He melts my heart!
Haley's first day of her SENIOR year!!!
My favorite high schooler!!!!
I can't believe this is my last year
with her at MHS :(
Julio's first day as my intern!!!!!!
A sweet friend that works at 
RVI sent me this picture
of Hadlee and her friends!!!  💓
Kimberly sent me this one!!!
Love these two❤
Jennifer was so kind to send me 
this of Hudson leaving recess!
Made my day to see his sweet face♡
Later that day I found this on my phone.
Austin had stopped by and taken
a selfie on my phone!  ha!
I'm going to miss my 7th period this year!

YAY!!!!!!!!!  First day in the books
and my babies were back with me!!!!!
Then we went to pick up 
this guy after football!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so happy to have all three of 
my loves back with me
and they ALL had awesome first days!!!!
Daddy took us to Chuys that night...
they were silly and tired;)
Thank you, Lord, for good first days!!!!
The drive home...YEAH RIGHT!!!!  ;)
That night I noticed this in Walker's
papers.  I loved his answers♡
Then I received this text and it was
one of those times that I just thanked
the Good Lord for my children 
and the way they are growing up right now.
I asked Walker about it and he said
he could tell Cole was nervous about
lunch and he invited him to sit with him.
Thank you, Sweet Jesus.
Walker behaving in this way is 
TRULY an answer to my prayers
and one that I will continue to pray......
We were all ready to crash that night! 💙

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