Saturday, July 8, 2017

Meet the Teacher at MMS

So on the night of Walker's Open House
at Midway Middle School,
Troy and I decided to take selfies
with each of his teachers...
Walker is so reserved and structured
and well-mannered, it's just hard not
to do stuff like this to him;)
At Open House, parents follow 
along their student's schedule
(WITHOUT the student!).
We sent Walker each picture
after each class period;)))

1st Period Science with Mr. Morgan!
2nd Period Spanish with Mrs. Meyers!
Panther Pathways with Coach Burkett
(also one of Walker's football coaches!!!)
Mr. Choins for Pre-AP Algebra!
(a high school credited class!)
Study Hall with Mrs. Schoenfeld
One class period we met up 
with the Nemecs!!!  Troy and David
misbehaved during the class period.
Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Hagins for Pre-AP English (❤ her!)!!!
Our beloved Mrs. Schmeltekopf for 
Pre-AP History!!! (❤ her as my 
dear friend AND as my children's teacher!!!)
It was CLEAR that Walker has an 
awesome set of teachers for 8th grade!
SO, SO thankful!!!
Last period was a huge football
meeting where actually Angie
and I had to even talk on 
behalf of the Quarterback Club.
No selfies with the coaches;)

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