Thursday, July 13, 2017

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Football Games
are my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Except when one of mine is sick:(
Such a bummer especially for this little guy!
Sister was going with Abby
and to stay the night with her.  
All of the sudden, Hadlee 
looked about 15 to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's the cutest, sweetest thing!!!
This handsome guy was heading to
the football game with friends, too!
Poor Huddy was miserable at home with me...
his second time to be sick! :(
Haddie Girl had fun seeing lots
of sweet friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next Friday night Huds was 
good to go and pumped because
we had an "away" game at the
Waco High Stadium
which he'd been wanting to see!
The whole gang met up for this one!
Midway WON and we got
to take several pics with football
players after the game.
First up, Brian Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always tell him not to forget me
when he's famous and they are calling
out his awesome name out in the NFL!!!
I didn't have this young man but 
he was nice enough to take a picture:)
Jaxon Player!!!!!
We love us some Friday Night Lights!!!
The former #80 and the new #80!
They make my heart go pitter patter!!!

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