Wednesday, July 5, 2017

First Weeks

We were ALL so, so proud that
Logan received top honors at MCC!
He has worked hard
and we are so proud of him
Next up...Tarleton!!!!!!
PaPa had a smile for his 
handsome grandson:)
The first weeks of 1st grade,
5th and 8th grade went really well!  
My favorite car pool of boys!  
Look who made the
MMS_Best_Athletes page;)

8th grade after school football practice
got underway on the 2nd day of school!
Our interns survived their first week;)
Julio, Alexis, Devyn
First FRIDAY of the Year!!!
This boy practiced everyday 
after school on his own;)
It was FINALLY time for 
Hudson's first flag football practice!!!
Typical text exchange between
my boy and me.........;)
New signs for PaPa's room...
Picking out new gear....
We had Open House at MMS and a 
 football meeting so we
left the kids at home alone...
Hudson kept Face Timing me
from home in his uniform!!!
He wanted me to get home
to watch his "game"!!!
I love this kid so much!!!
Super Girl popped up on my TimeHop!
❤Another PRICELESS memory!!!!❤
Baseball Lessons Continue....
for BOTH boys!!!!!!!!

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