Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dad Days ~ September 2016

The days with Dad at Wesley Woods
continue on.......it really is the long 
good-bye on a down hill slope
with very few "good" moments.  
the rare moments of a smile!!!
This Sweet Boy brings lots of joy to that place!
Six years ago we spent our 
weekends and many days at 
rehab hospitals bringing Travis 
and others lots of joy.  
God knew we needed Huds♡
We are so thankful for Tereetha!
She is SO good with Dad and 
he loves her!!!!!!!❤
His routine is that they get him up
in the morning for breakfast and put 
him at the table.  He tries to feed 
himself and then they help him.  He sits
out in the dining room with other
patients sometimes going to therapy,
music, Bible Study, etc. - all depending
on the aid and if someone takes him.
Then Mother or one of us gets there
and we wait with him for lunch.  
We feed him lunch and sit with him.
Then they change him and move him
to his "chair" for the afternoon with 
his feet propped up.  He mostly sleeps/naps.
Then they get him up in the late afternoon
and put him back at the table.
One of us gets there and we wait on 
dinner with him and then we feed him.
After dinner, we watch the "zoo"
as we often call it because things get
crazy in the evening (sun downing - 
almost like how babies get fussy 
in the evenings).  Sometimes we move to 
be closer up to the TV in hopes
he will watch it or
move him down to the windows
to look outside.  Then it's time for
them to take him back to his room
to be changed, brush his teeth (if 
Tereetha is on!) and they put his pajamas 
on him and put him in bed.   
You can't help but say "what a life"....
and question what in the world
good can come from all of these people
having to live out their lives like this?    
I know there's a reason - it just might
not be this side of Heaven that I fully 
understand and know.  
Until then we will keep right on loving our Dad
and the other patients there!!!!!!!!!!!
AND pray they find a cure for
Alzheimer's as well as MANY other 
devastating diseases!!!
They give him a shower on M-W-F.
The nursing home has a hair salon
and Mother gets Dad's hair cut
there when he needs it.
Handsome and distinguished♥
He barely says anything but his 
funny personality comes out every once 
and a while.  Just not very often:(
We miss him.  
Our dear friends the Moores gave
us this AMAZING chair for Dad.
Angie's Mom passed away and she was
using this chair at her nursing home.
It's an electronic lift chair 
and with the press of a button it 
brings Dad to a standing position.  
This was SUCH a generous and kind
gesture.  Dad and the staff LOVE the chair.
It's very comfortable for Dad since
he spends all afternoon in it 
AND it makes getting him up and down
so much easier for the staff.
Angie and her family say it gives 
them comfort knowing their sweet 
mom's chair is being used.
We are incredibly gratefulđź’“
Mrs. Jasek & Jim
LOL!  After dinner fun;)
See what I mean about the 
chair for Dad's afternoon!!!!!!!!♡
Jennifer & Tereetha spoil him!  
He usually falls fast asleep in the evening...
I'm sure the strong meds help but also
he just gets tired.  
He had fallen and hit his lip:(
Mary B...love her so much!
"You are my sunshine!"
Mother continues to AMAZE us!!!
The way she cares for and dotes on
Dad.  A truly loving wife
in sickness and in health.  
My heart aches for my sweet mama:(
Dad is clueless and that is one positive
to this disease in most cases and 
and especially after the beginning stages.
My sisters are there, too!
It's just that we all take different shifts.
These are pics I send to the mom/sister group
text to update them on my nights with Dad.  
Poor guy fell :(
Sometimes he forgets that he can't 
remember how to walk.
This is one crazy disease.  
Of course September takes me back
to this day that he did so, so much for...
my sweet, sweet dadđź’•

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