Friday, July 7, 2017

Walker in a YEAR - 7th grade, 13 years old

One night during the summer at Poppa Rollos, a girl stopped me and asked if I had a son in the 8th grade? I said yes, and she said, "I just knew you were Walker Pierce's Mom!" I am SO thankful to the Good Lord for that title I was given 14 years ago ❤❤️ I'm so proud of my son and I don't want to forget anything about his year. If I could have planned out his first year as a teenager and in middle school, it would have been the year he had. I know it won't always be this awesome but WoW! I loved every second of him trying and experiencing so much and even just him growing up - as hard as that is on a mama!!! Tackle football, STORM baseball, a size 12 men's shoe, youth group, a precious girl friend (followed by thankfully a stress free, no worries, we are just in 7th grade break up a few months later!), basketball team, choir, track, 7 on 7 football, a deeper voice, KLife, Pre-AP classes, growing taller than his mom, NJHS, even a synchronized swimming act with his buddies on stage, a GPA over a 100, working out all summer for football plus choosing to do Sondays Camp AND a World Series baseball tournament with his team the same week!!! This kid is DRiVeN! He's a good friend to SO many and just a reserved, yet hilarious gentleman with an ever growing personal faith and that is probably what makes me the most proud! It was quite a year for me, but Walker was my constant source of structure, of kindness, of activities, and of such laughter! Now here we are in 8th grade loving football again and learning Spanish (in fact speaking with his new accent and language all.the.time!) and most recently taking on fishing with his friends! He's such a cool, but awesome kid! Troy and I couldn't be more proud to be Walker Pierce's mom and dad❤❤❤❤️❤️ Happy Birthday, Son. We love you!!!!!!
7th Grade A Team ~ Wide Receiver
A&M Football ~ November 
7th Grade Basketball A Team
Hoop-De-Doo & Basketball
MMS Choir
Christmas 2015
Chi Alpha ~ January 2016
7th Grade Track
7 on 7 Spring Football Team
National Junior Honor Society
Storm Baseball
Football Camp
Sondays Camp & World Series Baseball
Ranger Game 2016
Pierce Party of Five ❤
Possum Kingdom Lake
Family Love
Summer Lovin'
8th Grade...
Every Day💗

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