Wednesday, July 12, 2017

8th Grade Football

Hadlee, Macy and Ella were ready for
their brother's 8th grade football season!!!
Kim was SO awesome to make these 
with the girls!!!!!!!!!!!
Here we go!!!!!!!!!
This was a scrimmage - 
red A team verses blue A team.
Walker was #55 for this practice scrimmage.
Kate Kate cheering!!!!!!!!!!!
With Walker right behind her!  ha ha!
We were all pumped!!!!!!!!!!
Blake, Grayson, Walker, Cooper
Sweetest girlies

GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
We  these precious cheerleaders!
Walker was on the BLUE A TEAM 
which meant more home games!  YAY!
Walker was a starter as wide receiver
and/or safety.  Plus he was on all the 
special teams (like kick off and kick
off return team)...he got to play 
a lot which was cool!!!
Love that #80!!!!!!
Football Sisters!!!
We won!!!!!
It was a close game!!!!!!!!!
I love that they have an after
game prayer!!!!!!!!!
❤❤❤Then THiS!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤
Kelli and I have waited 14 years for this!!!
❤️ Although Kate and Walker aren't a couple 
and they simply entertain us with pictures and such, 
they really are sweet friends and we love it. 
Plus we know the truth deep down;)
It was a great first night for the 
Midway Blue A Team!!!!
#80 greeting his fans!!!!!!!!
to be sharing this with my best friend
and her family!!!!!!!!!!❤
Of course Sweet Grandmother
was there to support her boy!
Melt my ever lovin' HEART!!!
Our Tuesday evenings looked 
like this for the rest of the fall!!!!!
Hadlee cracks me up!
She was going to post this on 
Walker's Instagram!!!!!!
Here we go again!
Travis had come to this one!!!!!
Tuesday Night Lights!!!!!!!
Loved that Aunt Lynna & Travis were there!
We are ALL so proud of you, #80!!!!

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