Saturday, July 8, 2017

Walker's 14th Birthday!!!

August 27th brought the first best day 
of my life...the day the Good Lord above
saw fit for me to be MOM to this boy!!!!
I love celebrating my baby boy's
birthday as much as I did when he
was turning one!!!
14 AWESOME YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
#25 in Baseball
#55 in Basketball
#80 in Football
Mr. V is so kind to send us
bday cards and money...
♡Brotherly LOVE is the BEST... is SISTERLY Love❤
Let's do this, 14!!!!!!
Steph Curry FAN for life...
I've been saying for a while that after
13, no more real "bday parties" with lots
of friends and such.  Too many feelings
involved these days especially
when you are a kid like Walker
who is friends with EVERYONE!!!!!!
(But I do love that he has this 
trait like his mama!!!)
So for this one, we did our family
get together plus I let Walker
invite a few buddies to join us. 
It was perfect💜
He asked Kyle, Jared and Logan to join us.
(He also suggested about 22 others he wanted
to ask, but I said only THREE!!!!!!)
I adore these boys and their
funny, funny relationships!
Of course Huds is right there with his bros!
Sweet Sister, too!💗
There is nothing more in this world
that I love than celebrating the birth
of my three favorite people.
I'm SOOOOOOO thankful.
This was during the Pokemon Go craze...
so Hadlee was excited to find this card
for Walker!!!  So funny that this has 
made such a come back.  I 
remember doing this with Hunter & Logan!
These boys are a RIOT!!!!!!!
Lynna said, "AHHHH.  Look at them, they 
are praying."  They overheard her and 
were so quick to all say "AMEN"
and look up!!!  They are hilarious!
They weren't praying ~ they were just
being silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another come back....THE Rubix Cube!!!!!!!!!
Fishing gear b-day!;)
So very, very thankful for
our family who also LOVE to
celebrate each other!!!!!
Nobody loves these kiddos like
Grandmother.  Wish so much that
PaPa could be with us :(
Walker, your family thinks
you are the GOAT!!!!!!!!
I seriously can't get over the Good Lord
choosing Troy and me to be this 
boy's parents.  It's my greatest honor 
and joy to be a MOM!!!!!
We ❤ our 14 Year Old!!!!!!!
Walker wants to hit that 6'4" mark 
like TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!
These two crack me UP!
Hunter gave me a Starbucks cup
from his of course...;)
I can't stop;)
MORE Pokemon!!!  LOL
Walker Dalton Pierce,
You are my heart and soul.  
I love you more than words could
ever say.  
You are SO VERY 
LOVED & ADMIRED!!!!!!!!!
Happy 14th Birthday❤
I pray you stay on this track, Son!
You are amazing!!!!!!!!

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