Wednesday, July 12, 2017

September 2016

This kid is just plain AWESOME
I love him so much.  
He said he was a fireman!  
Did somebody call 9-1-1???

Huds had been begging for a pair
of Speedos ever since Michael Phelps
and the Olympics;)
I finally agreed to these....

I love my Hunter Starbucks (cup!!!)...
My baby boy❤
Preparing for an Olympic swim;)
Back to DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!
School days with my favorite SENIOR❥
Flashback to these two❣❣❣
Speaking of, September brought
Kate's 14th Birthday:)
I could NOT resist putting this 
picture in her gift;)
I love my FACE TIMERS!
Dress Up Days;)
Travis got an ID again!!!
Oh the things we take for granted.  
It had been over six years since he had an ID.
What I would give for this to be
a driver's license.  There's not a day
that goes by that I don't pray
for his miracle to continue.  
My poor baby boy got sick
and it broke mama's heart:(
I couldn't believe it when I found
these two girls CRASHED!!!
Sweet Hads & Abs
Huds recovering with some football!
Watching Ben play for SMU!!!!!
This little treasure came home in 
Hudson's folder from first grade:)
Hello new hat!!!  Thanks, CoCo!
September 11th really gets me to thinking...
To think that happened one year before 
this kid was born.  Hard to believe.
Prayers for all those families so affected.
Daddy out of town...
So this was our morning commute!❤
Drop off gets me EVERY time♡
Dropping food off before an away game 
for my #80 who won't stop long 
enough for a picture;)
After School FuN with Julio & Hadlee!!!!!
Hadlee & Amanda getting manis and 
pedis at a birthday party!!!!!!!!!
Daddy's picture at his conference
OR was this a MUG SHOT!?!??!!!  LOL!
Daddy being gone leaves me 
feeling like this:
Dropping off still has me all sentimental.
5th GRADE!!!
1st GRADE!!!
With the gig 'em just like
Walker used to do!!!!!!!!!❤
My drive.....beautiful!  Thank you, LORD!
Vince & Troy in California
PLC at its finest ~ Kendra Scott shopping;)

Life is just good with this kid...
Walker's posts are rare....
but I loved this one!  :)
Spelling words when he'd rather
be doing a line up!!!!!!!!
Meet Matthew, a young man in 
my 2nd period...a wealth of knowledge!
We loved how he would share
interesting facts with us once a week!
See what I mean about life with him!!!!
Beau & Ben's Birthday Party!!!
To think I grew up with their daddy
as one of my dearest THIS day!
I love where life takes us sometimes.  
Sister Child is just too much sometimes;)
Little Brother PROBS...
Those mean 'ole big brothers!!! ;)
Football, All Day, Everyday
I love this picture that Kim got
of Walker & Kyle fishing!!!!
This boy plays HARD!!!
Midway football player,
Matthew B. came for a visit!!!!!!!!!
Huds was SO pumped!
After WNL fun.....
Watching Kyle do a H-coming proposal!!!
After School Shenanigans!!!!!!!!!!
This guy takes my breath away
sometimes.  He's so big and
handsome and smart and driven
and yet still so sweet.
I love him with all my heart and soul.  
Just the interns and me for PLC! ;)
Sister decided she needed different
notebooks for 5th grade.  Cute Cute!
Glow in the dark pep rally at MHS!!!
Shenanigans with Hads!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet boy drawing out a football play;)
I love that they think  
WNL is liiiiitttt!!!!
Our beloved Trey came for one last visit!!!
We already miss him so much!
He has the best selfie arm ever;)
This absolutely broke my heart.
I taught this young man many years 
ago and he was such a favorite of mine.  
Prayers for Jeff's precious family.
This was so heartbreaking.  
One night I stayed up searching through
all of my pictures because I just 
had to see this student in my classroom
as I remembered him.  
My photos didn't disappoint!!!
 Jeff was in my 3rd period French class in 2005.
Clearly, he was a riot!
He was very, very smart and so funny!!!!
He truly was one of my very favorites.
He made everyone laugh!!!!!!
Jeff was serving our country 
VERY successfully in the Air Force
and had married a precious girl 
from an amazing family that we knew.
I loved following their little love story
and his death just broke my heart.
One day while they were so heavy on my 
mind and heart, I happened upon 
this verse I had written in Hadlee's room.
It just stuck and I've been praying this over
his wife Layne and their children...
I just knew God brought me to this verse
for them with the mention of wings
since Jeff was in the Air Force.  
 Every time I glance at this in Hadlee's
room, I pray for them and their refuge.  

Hudson is OBSESSED with this glove!!!!!

Sugar Plum with the Goal Tenders...
Brent hooking us UP!!!!
Can I get an AMEN?!?
Walker's 8th grade lunch table!!!!!!
This year has me ALLLLLL about this 
calendar and trying to keep it color coded!!!
We are on the go A LOT!!!!
Here we are heading to an away football 
game for our favorite #80!!!!!!❤
Sometimes by the end of our 
September days, this is just how we feel....

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