Monday, July 3, 2017

Meet Hudson's First Grade Teacher!!!

First Grade HERE WE COME!!!!!
 YAY for his best buddies
being in the same class again!!!
Griffin, Hudson, Miles
 WITH MRS. NEUHAUS!!!!!!!!!!!💙
 This little guy was SO excited!!!!
 Kim, although this doesn't seem 
possible, was my student teacher 
when I was in the 5th grade.
I absolutely ADORED her!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now she's one of the most 
amazing teachers in our district!!!
Finally one of my kiddos gets to have
her!!!! (Walker and Hadlee had to have
Mrs. Gingerich/Mrs. Schmetekopf of course
but they are no longer teaching 
in first grade!!!)
excited to have this most special
and wonderful lady!!!!!❤❤❤
How could this not be an awesome year!!!!
 Had to stop by and see our favorite
former kindergarten teacher!
 AND our favorite former 2nd grade teacher!
 Praying for an AWESOME year
for this sweet little guy in 1st grade!!!!
 We love this school so very much!!!!!!!
But most of all,
we love our FiRST grader more than 
words could EVER, ever say!!!!!!!!!
 My prayer for the sweetest little boy I know...

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