Monday, July 3, 2017

Meet Hadlee's 5th Grade Teachers!!!

Ten sweet years old...
 Going into 5th grade at a new school..
 Pretty as ever!!!
 Sassy, too!!!  ;)
 And I couldn't love her more!!!!!❤
Homeroom with Mrs. Mashek...
a super  sweet soul whom I grew up
 in church with!!!
 Amanda and I just can't stop!!!!!
C-Ball and Haddie Girl
 But honestly this is the way my girl
feels about boys at this point.
AND I couldn't be more proud!!!!!;)
 Her First LOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister chose everything for her locker...
the chandelier, the polka dots, the
chevron, the brush holder, the pictures,
and the Bible Verse!  💓
 The pink carpet, too!!!!!!!!!
 Go and Absolutely SHINE, 
Sweet Girl!
 I love her so much!!!
 Such sweet friends!
 Mrs. Gietzen for Language Arts.
I didn't know her but I knew from the moment
I met her that she was a TREASURE.
 I think it may have been harder on me
than Hadlee - but probably not -
that she and Jersi didn't get
on the same hall:(
Oh how this hurt my heart.
I love these two so much❤
 Mrs. Kimmel for Science!
Another dear friend of mine...I
was so excited that one of my kiddos
finally got to have her!!!!!!!!!!!
 5th Grade is looking like A LOT of fun!!!!!
 Here we go!!!!!!!!!!
 Praying for an amazing year
at River Valley for my girl!
She's such a GEM!!!!!!!!!💓

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