Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hudson's Select Tourneys

On the way to Hudson's first real
select tournament!!!
It was in Valley Mills....
That's my hand he's holding.
He is pure love❤
This boy was so excited for it to be HIS turn!!!
Let's Do This, Midway 8U Select Team!!!
Walker and Hadlee had gone with 
the Hawkins (so sweet of them!) for the day.
It was SO awesome to focus on this little
guy right here allllll day long!!!
Huds had an awesome tournament!!!
This kid is ALL heart
and he loves to PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!
He is so stinkin' cute, 
I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!
He and another little boy were the youngest
on the team although Hudson's size
does NOT reveal that!!!
Hudson and Jeremiah are 6 while the
rest of the boys are 7 and mostly 8.   
Way to go, Midway!!!!!!!!!!
He's watched his big brother for so long.
It's so cool to watch Hudson follow 
in his footsteps.  
My FAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker (6), Brooks (7), Griffin (7)
Friends ON the field
and IN the classroom!!!
My heart could just burst!!!
I love this little ball player so much!!!!!
Best Buddies!
I pray that all these boys stay close.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their families, too!
So proud of you, Little Man!!!!!
The drive home meant ONE thing...
listening to the Aggies' first football game
of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds even had to change into his
Aggie clothes;)
He had already stalked Jake enough 
to find him on the Aggie website;)
Mrs. Graham sent us these 
after the game!!!!!
So proud of JAKE!!!!!
We stopped on the way home...
having fun with just one kiddo;)
But he wanted to take these pics 
for his brother and sister!!!
Putting in the work!!!
Lessons with Coach Jonathan...
With BOTH Coach Pierces to help;)

NEXT Select 8U Tournament!!!!!!
Happy Hudson Jack!
6 years old and ALL HEART!!!!!!!!!!!
It was sooooooooooooo crazy but 
I ran into a precious BLOGGING friend
that I had made years and years ago
when I first started blogging!!!
This chick is awesome!!!
Over the last few years, we've
realized that we have several mutual
friends but she and I literally met
through our blogs!!!
We finally met in REAL LIFE!!!
I always knew if given the chance,
Brandi and I would be Besties!!!!!!!!❤
Another awesome tournament
with my BOY!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so proud of this kid!!!!!!!

Hudson is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And oh my Goodness, this kid has some DRIVE!
This particular Saturday Walker and Hadlee
hung with the Cromies.  It's so nice
of these friends to help us out...
it saves the big kids from a long
day with little ones (although Walker 
especially owes it to Hudson...ha!)
and allows Troy and I to completely 
focus on this guy.
He deserves time like that, too!!!!
Which meant a stop at Buccee's!!!!!!!!!!!
We love you, Hudson!!!!
You are so fun to watch play ball
and I can't see what the future holds for you!

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