Monday, July 10, 2017

First Football Game of 2016

Let's Go Midway!!!
First Friday of the school year means
first pep rally & first football game!!!
We met up with some friends
 at Poppa Rollos before the game... 
I mustashe you a question....
Do you love football?!?
Then it started pouring!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty much how I felt about 
rain + cool temps ;(
We finally made it to the game
and hooked up with Clark & Brooks! run out in the Panther Pack!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE these three!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But this one has my heart!!!!!❤
Friday Night Lights!!!!!!!!!!!
Our favorite girl is a SENIOR!!!!!❥
His #2 Girl❣
Only after Mama💜
Rainy Hair, Don't Care ;)
Soaking up this girl!!!!!!
First Friday Night Lights with my Faves❤

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