Sunday, November 9, 2014

Walker's Choir Program

I was a little surprised when
Walker chose choir as his sixth
grade elective, but I am SO
glad that he did!!!
He is so handsome and
he loves choir!  :)
All the guys looked so cute!  
Little Sisters wore their matching
Midway chevron shirts!  :)
Walker and Jared were top row center.  
There are two classes of sixth grade boys' choir.  
Jonah with a speaking part!!!!!
They sounded GREAT!  (:
The sixth grade girls were
beautiful and sounded so good, too!
Presli on the front row....
And Kate Kate on the second row (:
The Audience (;
A well-behaved audience I might
add...with the awesome Chad photo bomb!  (:
Back to the Boys....
I love how Walker and his buddies
take choir very seriously and try
so hard.  Their teacher is
wonderful!  She even lets them
play football on Fridays(;
Fabulous Job, Sixth Grade Choirs!!!!!!!!!
Cade on the drums!!!!!!
I wish I had taken Mrs. Petty's
picture with Walker after the program.
She is so kind and patient and
beautiful.  She is also a young
mother to little ones.  She is just now
finishing treatment from a fight
against breast cancer, too.  WOW.
Blessing our children through music
while in the fight of her life.  
People like her truly amaze me.  
Walker, Grayson, Dawson, Jared, Evan
Unfortunately Troy was out of town
on a business trip (in Vegas!!!).
He really hated to miss this though. 
I was a proud mama of my boy:) 
I'm thankful for good friends that we've
made this year and last.  It's so nice
when you are friends with your kids'
friends' parents.  We have a great
support system amongst all of our boys. 
If I had to pick Walker's best friends
right now, I'd have to say these two guys.
I love them both like they were my own.  
 I don't think Grandmother has ever
missed one of her grandsons' choir
programs!!!  God bless her! 
My Gang + CoCo's Gang = FuN!!!!!
All I asked for was a picture of
Walker & Kate!!!!!!  ;)
Kate recruited sweet Ella Reid whom
we adore to be in the pic with her. 
So then I said, "Sixth graders ONLY".....
You can see how that worked out for me! ;)
I wouldn't have them ANY other way!!!!!!!
But then...............
My fave sixth grade boy & girl.
How CUTE are they?!?
Another perfect pic for their rehearsal
dinner video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli G and I were both single
mamas that night!!!!!!!!!
Who would ever have dreamed
we would be doing all of this together?!?
Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with my children's amazing
schools, my incredible family and friends
and of course to my own kids! 
God has blessed me immensely. 
My heart is full.   

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