Tuesday, November 4, 2014

South Bosque Carnival

The South Bosque Carnival is 
always a fun time for the Pierces!
Walker was finishing up a football
game in Troy, so he and Troy had
to miss the carnival this year:(
Luckily, we had Haley with us though!
Good times for Big Huds!   

And of course my sweet 
third grader had fun!!!  :)
We ran into our good friend, Ed,
who is now the sports guy for kwtX!!!!
This pic even made it onto the 6:00 news:)
We love Ed, always have. 
While I was standing in line for 
balloon animals, Haley took the kids
around.  I love these pics of Hadlee
coming down the slide because
I can see that Haley was also taking
her picture:)  Sweet Big Sis.
My kids LOVE balloon animals and such! ;)
Even food trucks at the carnival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
It's crazy to think that next year
Hudson will actually be a student there, too!  :(
Some days the Good Lord
 just shines upon us. 
This was one of those days!  :)
Dinner and ice cream at 
Chickfila to finish off our day:)

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snekcip said...

I see you had a WONDERFUL HALLOWEEN!! Your family is SO BEAUTIFUL Mindy!! Going stalk your fb page for Halloween Costumes!!

PS I tagged you on our Adoption Story link!!